The Dec. 26 paper included yet another letter from one of our neighbors, extolling the virtues of Trump. It seems as if she gets all her info from Fox News, and claims that he's responsible for the booming economy, low unemployment and a stock market doing great. The stock market WAS doing well, primarily due to the tax cuts that favored corporations and the wealthy, who could then buy back stock or invest more in new shares. Recent actions are much less positive, and most of us who have investments have lost money this year.

It's also worth noting that the economy has been improving for 10 years, or virtually since Obama entered office. With a booming economy, unemployment is going to lessen. Trump's role has been minimal, at best, and potentially will result in a severe downturn, while implications of tariffs and international discord (both largely his responsibility) continue to plague us. His behavior is almost always abominable, for anyone, much less a president, praising those who believe his every lie, and condemning those who don't.

As the letter write concluded: "Think!" That should lead to his impeachment!

Ted Johnson, Tehachapi