The corner of E and Curry streets has got to be one of the most dangerous corners in town when it comes to vehicles almost, or in this case, actually crashing into each other. The congestion is not as bad since the Tehachapi Hospital has relocated, however the just missing another car, or in this case, t-boning another car, can be terrifying for both drivers and the public.

I live in an apartment building on the same corner, and since I've lived here, it's almost a daily thing to hear wheels squealing and horns honking. Well today, it happened for real. A small car heading west on E street t-boned a truck with a camper on it. The camper was heading north on Curry Street, and it suffered minor damage. The smaller car was pretty much totaled. Everyone is fine, but both parties are pretty shaken up.

I would just like to know why the city has yet to put stop signs on Curry Street? E Street has them from east to west, but every day you still hear yelling, horns honking and brakes squealing.

Children walk to and from school on E Street, so crossing Curry is a dangerous accident waiting to sadly happen. Just a thought since F Street and Curry Street have a four-way stop, so why is there not a four-way stop on Curry and E streets? This could have been a lot worse. Thank the Lord it wasn't!

Elizabeth Martin, Tehachapi