When civic leaders in our country acquiesce to the so-called politically correct radicals throughout the country and decide to remove national monuments, it's like erasing part of our history. Who do these people think they are to decide what monuments are to remain and what monuments must be razed? Are these so-called politically correct dudes bent on dismantling our heritage?

Our politicians and civil leaders throughout this country must be held culpable for not putting their foot down and stopping these narrow-minded people from destroying these monuments. Monuments help us remember how this great country of ours became great in the first place.

If these so-called politically correct people keep pressuring our leaders and getting their way simply because they are offended by a statue, they just might feel empowered to think it's time to dismantle the Statue of Liberty.

We have an armed service monument in our town that reveres the different branches of the military (Army, Navy, Air Force and Marines). It's at the corner of Curry and Tehachapi Boulevard. What if these people demand that this monument of ours be razed because it depicts a message of war? Are our civic leaders going to stand by and let them do it?

They say "a country that loses its history will cease to be a country." If we don't stand for something like saving our monuments, the we'll fall for anything. Are we headed in that direction? Vote for civic leaders who won't flinch when radicals start demanding that our heritage be removed.

Dennis Tope, Tehachapi