Well folks, if you say "bomb" on an airplane, even in jest, you will be escorted off of the airplane and taken to security. Now, you just missed your flight. Why? Because you just threatened the safety of all the people on the flight.

Some young fellows found this out on a Southwest flight. After downing a few drinks in the bar before boarding the plane, the young men thought it would be funny to say the word "bomb!" Well, the flight attendant heard what they said, and they were removed from the plane. You just can't say bomb on an airplane.

Now, because of all of the shootings, we have to be aware of all threats, said by anyone, at anytime. The new saying is: "If you see something, hear something or someone says something threatening, you take it VERY seriously, and you report it to the authorities."

Times have changed, and it's a new world we live in these days. With all the shootings taking place all over the world, we have to be aware of are surroundings for the safety of everyone. If you see something, say something.

Jean Riesen Tehachapi