Good morning to you. Yes, you, in your little white car, shorts and flip-flops, who drove up to our Have A Heart Humane Society adoption truck and trailer this Saturday around 9:30 a.m., totally unaware that you were being watched from our store window. You stopped, and left your cat, thankfully, in a carrier, in the parking lot.

We hope you do know that it is a misdemeanor to abandon your animal. Not only illegal, but morally wrong. If we had been a little bit faster, we would have a picture of your license plate, but we were so stunned that anyone would do what you did, we were too slow. But, we do have cameras!

I would like you to know that he is scared, panting and very upset. Not only that, he is matted to the bone and seems to be in severe pain from the mats. If you had only come into the store and asked for help, we would do our best to help you. No, you just dumped him like a piece of trash in a parking lot.

He has been fed and watered, and is getting the awful mats shaved from his body. Wish we knew if he had vaccinations, but knowing how he was thrown away, he probably never received any. He is in a safe and loving foster home now where he will stay until his forever people come to adopt him.

Karma is going to come looking for you!

Gina Christopher, Tehachapi