California taxpayers were told by Governor Brown and the Democratic legislature that billions of dollars would be needed to fix our deteriorating roads and to build new roads. So they passed a bill making us pay 12 cents more for every gallon of gas we put in our gas tanks, and raising our car registrations.

However, millions of dollars generated from this tax will be siphoned off for their pet projects. They'll be tossing millions to build more bike and pedestrian projects, developing something called a workforce training program, developing some trade corridor program, and last but not least, they'll hire 1,100 more Catrans workers.

That gas tax money should be going to roads and roads only. Not enough production is done by Caltrans workers to warrant hiring more of them. Private contractors like Granite build and do major repairs on our roads, not Caltrans.

Production and profit are the name of the game for private contractors, and their workers work, otherwise, contractors will find workers that will work and lay off the ones that don't work.

Our highways are congested messes. Drive down to LA and experience it for yourselves. I expect most of the $1.5 billion that's earmarked for road construction only will be spent in those urban areas of the state, but I'll bet a chunk of that gas tax will miraculously trickle down to finance that high speed rail fiasco, too.

Dennis Tope,