I would like to answer Ryan J. Alsop’s question ("Cost of public protection keeps going up," Community Voices, Aug. 22) regarding what to do about the deficit of funds in Kern County.

The answer is NO. Giving government more money is NEVER the answer. You all spend money like a teenage girl with daddy’s credit card on spring break.

There is less revenue from everywhere because of all the people on the dole who are not contributing their fair share to our economy. And we all know the reason for that. So stop blaming everyone and everything else.

Budgeting money is elementary arithmetic and you can’t seem to do that, while the rest of us have to give you our hard-earned money. Are YOU willing to cover the residents' year-end deficits caused by overtaxing us? Are YOU willing to take a pay cut? I seriously doubt it.

You are threatening us by holding public safety hostage to squeeze money out of the residents.

NO MORE TAXES, NO MORE BONDS. Pay your bills like the rest of us and govern within your means. It’s not a competition with other agencies; you are playing with people’s lives and finances.

Diane Burrows, Tehachapi