Hello Mr. Johnson, respectfully sir I take a great deal of pride in being called a conservative, thank you. I also appreciate the association with Barbara Senseman, I really like her last name too. By the way, my wonderful wife's name is also Barbara, so I feel in safe company with them.

Regarding your comments against our properly elected president ("Clinton's goofs pale in comparison," Sept. 6), I take exception. For you to compare him to Hitler and the KKK, (which interestingly enough was mainly Democratic Party members as was the resistance to the entire Civil Rights movement), is just wrong and really beneath any rational intelligent person's comments.

To Mr. Marshall, I also wish Mr. Trump had not made the disrespectful comments about John McCain, but I think it was just as juvenile for McCain when he so arrogantly gave his thumbs-down vote in the Senate.

I, for one, am sick and tired of all the posturing, rhetoric and inactivity in our lawmakers who are obviously in their positions just for the power. They clearly enjoy the spotlight and celebrity status and couldn't care less about us stupid unwashed common folk who do the real work to keep this country strong.

May God bless every honest, hardworking person who is sincerely striving to do what is right every day for those who depend on them. Our president is a unique person and is very different to any other who has had that position, and I find him refreshing.

Daulton Oliver, Tehachapi