It is truly wonderful to live in a bastion of liberty like Tehachapi, one of the few in California, where you can hear opposing views in an open forum. Thank you Wilbur Wells and Charles Jensen, obviously well informed, obviously Fox News watchers, and obviously American patriots.

Again, God bless America! Open, respectful, well informed debate over pertinent issues is all that can move our magnificent country forward and keep us all safe and prosperous. We are all blessed by God to live in this beautiful place, in this wonderful country, and fortunate enough to be witnessing an opportunity to see a real change for the better in our governmental processes. History will write about the good opportunities taken and the the bad choices made during this time for ages to come. I personally feel we have a true patriot as a president, after all, he does not need the money or the golf like our past president, RIGHT?

Daulton Oliver,