Kern County has some serious problems with its leaders.

We’ve had the city manager of Tehachapi, Greg Garrett, call out residents for using social media to be heard. We were told we are to go to him and listen.

Then we have County Administrative Officer Ryan J. Alsop who has threatened our public safety if we don’t vote to raise taxes.

Again we have Michelle Vance, who has now told us if we don’t vote for her ridiculous bounce house that our parks will fall into disrepair. Another threat.

For me, personally, I don’t knee jerk at threats. I will continue to use any form of media I wish to be heard, we have our own police in Tehachapi (unless they jump on the bandwagon and threaten our safety), and Vance, I’d rather see our parks fall into disrepair than give any more of my money.

So go ahead, all of you, the answer is still no. Govern within your means. I certainly hope that the people in Kern County take note and vote.

Diane Burrows, Tehachapi