Well folks, you're turning 60 and retirement is just around the corner. You are so looking forward to traveling, and just working in the yard, or working on your projects or hobbies.

But wait. For some of you folks, you will become a parent again, and you will be raising your grandchildren.

Why is this happening? It's happening because your own children have become addicted to drugs. Each year the opioid crisis is growing bigger and bigger in this country.

Many of these young people are dying or are unable to care for their children. That means their children will go to the foster care system, unless the grandparents step up to take care of them. This is taking place all across the United States and it is an epidemic.

Just another another reason for getting that wall built to stop the flow of fentanyl, heroin and other deadly drugs from crossing our borders.

Jean C. Riesen, Tehachapi