What makes great towns or cities?

Regarding Tehachapi:

A. The people – Single most important factor. CHECK

B. Location or a sense of place – How people interact with their surroundings. Always IN PROCESS.

C. Weather – Pleasing climate. CHECK

D. The Arts – Museums, music, galleries, bookstores. CHECK but more work needed.

E. Nature – CHECK

F. Transportation options – Bike lanes, mixed-use trails, ease of walking. The more people can enjoy the outdoors the better. IN PROCESS.

G. Healthy living – Does the community focus on education and availability/access to live a healthier life? IN PROCESS.

H. Innovation – Is there access to research and information, so the community can all grow. IN PROCESS.

I. Access to the outside world – Ease of getting in and out of the town, for bringing tourists in and for expanding the horizons of the locals thru travel. CHECK

J. Social diversity – More diversity means more opportunities to learn we are all just people trying to do our best. NEEDS WORK.

Now ask yourself, what can contribute much of the above?

That’s right! A great parks and recreation infrastructure, programs and community center.

Benefits include: A sense of place and belonging by providing a gathering place. Contributing to a community’s education, healthy living, and lifestyle. Education, crafts and arts spurs innovation and creativity, coupled with STEM/STEAM learning programs for all ages encourages curiosity and attracts more diverse population which adds positively to our community.

All this results in an exciting, vibrant, healthy and progressive community.

Please vote yes on R.

Nick Altieri, Tehachapi