I enjoyed reading Jon Hammond's article about barbed wire (Tehachapi News, Feb. 12). The wires pictured were collected and mounted by my late husband, Thurman Belcher. He had other wires which he mounted on two burlap covered boards. A picture of an owl on burlap, painted by one of his students, hung in the middle. This became an attractive wall display in our home.

Thurm's twin brother, Herman, was an avid barbed wire collector and got Thurman started collecting. At one time, Herman's extensive collection, in specially built cases, was exhibited on the porch of Errea House.

We used to go to barbed wire conventions where wires were displayed and admired. Wire samples had to be 18 inches long and identified. We had a book called the Barbed Wire Bible which helped in identification. Collectors sold and traded their wires.

Thurm always drove with one eye on fences trying to spot wires he didn't have. He would find a downed fence or excessive wire and happily add to his collection.

Phyllis Belcher, Tehachapi