The sign welcoming people to the "Land of Four Seasons" represents more than just the city of Tehachapi. It represents the Greater Tehachapi area including Golden Hills, Old Town, Stallion Springs, Bear Valley, Alpine Village, Cummings Valley, Brite Valley and all of the other small unincorporated developments. All of these areas share the 93561 ZIP code.

If the city wanted to brand itself for development purposes with the "Up" commercial promotion, that's one thing. By the way, the city never asked its citizens how they felt about this image branding. Aren't these signs outside the city limits? I always assumed they were.

I, for one, would have been happy to make a donation toward the restoration of the signs to continue to say "Tehachapi … Land of Four Seasons." The city solicits donations to place flags on the lamp posts. They solicit the adoption of planter maintenance. Why not ask for donations for restoring these signs?

For so many of the people who live here, Tehachapi will always be "The Land of Four Seasons!" I'd like to keep it that way.

Cherrill Gragg, Tehachapi