My wife and I were driving home from an emergency trip to Fresno the evening of Aug. 13. The traffic was light on Highway 99, so I was clicking along with traffic at about 70 mph when a black car, make and model unknown, with blacked-out windows and unreadable plates, passed me and several more cars as if we were going backward.

He had to be doing better than 80 or 85 mph, cutting in and out between cars so close you just knew it was a wreck on the way to happening sooner or later.

No CHP officers were in sight, and I really couldn't call one without a decent description of the car. My point being, they are always asking how do some accidents happen. Well, it's stupid idiots like this person that are a big problem. I usually don't use that word to degrade anything, but I am making this person the exception.

We finally made it safely to Highway 58, and started up the hill when we had the bad luck to fall behind a big rig that was trying to pass another big rig. I followed him for a mile and a half at 35 mph before the big rig driver decided he couldn't pass and fell back behind the truck he was trying to pass. I realize the truckers are on a schedule, but what ever happened to the old rule of the road that the older truckers used? If you can't pass within a mile, don't try.

These younger truckers just don't care about safety like in the old days of trucking. Some don't even bother to look in the rear view mirror before pulling out in front of traffic. All they care about is how fast they can get to their destination. It seems to me there could be some way to build a third lane coming up the hill just for the truckers to use or at least make a couple of passing lanes. Caltrans is always doing road repair on the hill anyway. Why not make those passing lanes?

Robert Slusher, Tehacahpi