I wonder just how low can the Democrats go. They still haven't gotten over losing the election and haven't been able to get anything on the president that will stick, so with some help from some disgruntled friends, they are talking about impeachment procedures against President Trump and possible jail time.

Where were they when Clinton was doing all her lying and burning all those emails? She wasn't even investigated very heavily, and we were told there wasn't enough evidence against her. I have said several times that I don't particularly care for the president as a man, but he at least has been trying to do what was right for the country, and in my opinion, trying to keep America first and not bowing down to all the so-called professional politicians who instead of thinking of the country first, decided it was time to take a vacation from their duties and let the government come close to a shutdown.

Maybe we should impeach them. People, it's time you stood upon your hind legs and did what was right, and quit bellyaching. Get rid of Nancy Pelosi and the rest of the so-called lawmakers who can't even get along with each other and get someone in there that will think about the people instead of themselves. Get ahold of whoever you have to and demand they do something for a change that will put the people first. Write letters, make phone calls.

You don't have to like the man in the Oval Office, but for the love of Christ, love the office, and, above all else, love America, and let's become a democracy again instead of a socialistic defeatist nation.

I will probably never see this in print, but I do believe in being able to speak my mind (as a proud American and veteran).

Robert Slusher, Tehachapi