Regarding Trump and Arizona: To know that a man whose behavior, divisiveness and complete intellectual moral and ethical void is the president of the Untied States defies understanding. Divide and create rage in his supporters are the only two components he seems able to find in his extraordinarily limited intellect that he believes will accomplish anything. He tweets epitaphs at Republican senators who didn't support a health bill he hadn't read, and even screamed and cursed Mitch McConnell who managed to get him a mere 49 "yes" votes, but had some difficulty performing the miracle he expected — according to a Trump-invented time frame.

He lied regarding his comments relative to what happened in Charlottesville by deliberately omitting the qualifications he made relative to those comments. And he insulted John McCain, an American hero who, in 1967, on his 23rd mission over Hanoi, was shot down by a Russian missile the size of a telephone pole while in his Seahawk dive bomber. Donald Trump, a man who got himself five deferments from that war, belittled McCain, whose right leg and arm were broken when he bailed out, who spent five and half years as a prisoner, and two and a half in solitary confinement with only two small holes in a metal ceiling to give him air.

Donald Trump belittled McCain who was tortured a thousand times in those years and never gave the men who tortured him the information they wanted. And Donald Trump watched and smiled while his Phoenix audience yelled and screamed for McCain's death. Well, McCain's brain tumor will probably give them their wish.

Albert Einstein once said something I believe is particularly applicable to our current president. He said, "The difference between stupidity and genius is that genius has its limits."

How much longer does this country have to endure this nightmare?

A.J. Marshall, Tehachapi