Stepping out into the day of sunny skies this morning, I was surprised by the chill air of autumn. It gave me pause to think about those in our community who are the lesser population, our homeless. Where are they spending these cold nights? Where will they shelter to survive the coming winter months?

Rather than committing myself to a bond to support the Tehachapi Valley Recreation & Park District in its efforts to build a huge community center, I'd rather have our community pursue some of the granted monies coming into Kern County to develop a shelter for the homeless.

How we treat the less fortunate of Tehachapi would speak volumes to the outside world about the compassionate and caring people who make our Tehachapi mountain home the great place it is and always has been. There are so many organizations here that could work together to develop the services and sheltering of these folks. With so many shuttered buildings in Tehachapi, surely there is a place that could become such a shelter.

Being kind and compassionate should be demonstrated by more than some signs placed throughout Tehachapi that remind us to be kind. Actions speak louder than words. What a legacy this would be for the future generations. A legacy that we could all be proud of when we say we live in Tehachapi. A legacy that newcomers could be proud to be a part of in the future.

Cherrill Gragg, Tehachapi