I have listened to everyone talking about building a wall along our southern border, both pro and con. Nancy Pelosi says no to the wall and let illegal immigrants come on in. I wonder if she is willing to take down the high wall she has around her property and let some of those people sleep on her front porch and lawns?

Most of the people who say no to the wall have no idea what it is to have illegal immigrants running around on their property. I lived 15 miles from the Arizona-Mexico border when I was 16 and every night we would be awakened in the wee hours of the night by people running through our yard. A lot of the time you could hear them talking to each other trying to find where the Border Patrol was and if they were on the right path.

I learned a lot of the Spanish language during those times, some good and some bad. Sometimes we would find a lot of disarray in our yard where the illegal immigrants had passed through. A lot of food stuff was stolen from our gardens.

All this was many, many years ago, and the demeanor of the people coming across the border is totally different. They are more dangerous now than they were back then. I am not saying we should build a solid concrete wall that they would tunnel under, but we need to build some kind of blockade to keep them from coming across. We will never, in my opinion, stop all of them from crossing because they come through the border checkpoints hiding in cars, trucks, etc. They come using tunnels.

I don't pretend to know the answer, but we have to do something.

Robert Slusher, Tehachapi