Holy smokes, is anyone paying attention here in California? Free healthcare for people here illegally, really? I am not talking about emergency care, which I believe all are entitled to, but healthcare, those things which are treatable with over-the-counter medication available everywhere.

Our emergency rooms are already at max with this stuff; now law-breaking foreigners are going to get it. This, coupled with the growing problem of folks living and relieving themselves in public areas, is going to break this state. If a motor home owner were to dump their waste publicly, they would face criminal charges.

Many of these people choose, not all I know, to live this way. Our governor chooses to ignore these issues, instead choosing a photo op regarding an earthquake in a remote area asking for federal aid. This demeans the real crises where severe damage and loss of life happens. The rules and regulations have increased to the point that everyone is breaking some kind of rule every day. The laws only apply to those who care about following them, not criminals who don't.

Our president is sincerely trying to bring reason back into the governing process — we should all be supportive of that, liberal or conservative. We need some of each, liberal and conservative, to truly be a successful country. I believe strongly that if we ignore what has happened in other times and places regarding these issues and our heritage as a nation, we are in serious trouble.

Daulton Oliver, Tehachapi