Its amazing to me how many so-called informed Americans are so easily pulled in by rhetoric and misinformation, specifically regarding government support of undocumented residents.

Department of Human Services regulations specify those who enter our state without documentation are NOT eligible for, nor receive public assistance such as food stamps or cash aid. They receive Medi-Cal assistance only in emergency, life-threatening situations and only if enrolled. Non-citizens who are permanent resident aliens and possess a green card or other documentation are eligible for public aid.

It's very troubling how this has become part of the fuel for the recent hate speech and violence toward those considered another race.

News flash: There is only one race on Earth, the human race. We should take care of each other, not hate one another.

Violence and suffering only create more violence and suffering. A kindness shown will always be rewarded.

Please, be better informed before condemning or pointing a finger. Remember, when you point your finger at someone, there are three more pointing back at you.

Amanda MacIntire, Tehachapi