There’s been much debate on Facebook regarding the proposed TVRPD Revitalization and Recreation Facility bond. I fully understand the call for “no more taxes” in a state that monetarily burdens its citizens at every turn.

But this is not a tax, regardless of how many times the word is used. A tax goes on forever, almost certainly increases over time and tends to be used for an ever-changing list of things (often very different from the original “need”).

TVRPD is proposing a bond — for a specific amount of money, for a specific project, over a specific amount of time. The bond will allow TVRPD to revitalize our existing facilities, build additional facilities and a brand new rec center — all things that are desperately needed in our community.

I think we can all agree that fixing what we have and preparing for the future is costly. And, of course, the amount seems excessive because it’s nothing anyone here could afford on their own. The great thing is we’re all in this together, so we all share the small burden — and we all reap the huge benefits. Those benefits include higher property values; recreational activities for kids, teens, families and seniors; meeting rooms; a commercial kitchen for classes or events; a new pool; regulation ball fields; a new soccer field; and many, many more.

I moved to California in 2014 and have lived in Tehachapi for a little more than three years. I CHOSE to live here when I could have lived anywhere in the state. Because honestly, I fell in love with this community, with the people here, with the businesses, with the events. Tehachapi is truly a gem — a slice of the Midwest in the mountains of Southern California.

I fully support the TVRPD plan. It’s OUR investment in OUR community. In OUR kids. In OUR families. In OUR seniors. In a better, healthier life for EVERYONE.

And having parks and facilities like the ones proposed will help us attract new families to our community, who fall in love with Tehachapi, just like I did.

Susan Showler, Tehachapi