The U.S. government has told the Syrian government, and their Russian allies, to stop bombing the Idlib Province of Syria, which is the last part of Syria that is still under the control of the U.S., Israeli and Saudi-funded terrorist groups trying to overthrow the al-Assad regime.

The U.S. CIA and military first started funding and training ISIS and al-Qaida forces to overthrow the Syrian government in 2010, and that project has failed. That's good for Syrians, who would have been in bad shape under their rule.

Now we are telling them to NOT finish off those enemy forces.

If we want them to listen to our military and political advice, we should remove the 10,000 or so U.S. military personnel still in Syria (not 2,000, as is commonly reported).

Invading other countries and destroying their societies does not make us safer. It just creates millions of refugees who then want to emigrate into Europe.

Are we truly the most powerful nation if we have neither restraint, compassion nor judgment?

They are there illegally.

Brian Scott, Tehachapi