Well folks, as we approach the third week of our isolation, and being housebound, are we starting to panic? I have ventured out a couple of times to buy groceries, only to find many of the shelves empty. No toilet paper, no bread, and no meat at all in the meat case at Walmart. What is going on; are we all becoming hoarders?

So, I called the manager at Walmart to find out about the toilet paper situation. She said, "We do not put the toilet paper out on the regular shelves, as people will take three to four bundles. They have a raging fit at the check out stand, when told only one to a customer. It's not pretty!"

Now, people are told to line up at the back of the Walmart store. They may have one each, of hand towels, or toilet paper bundles. Yes, they are told to keep a six-foot distance from each other. This too will pass and we will be back to normal soon, if we all follow the rules and be kind to each other.

Jeanne Riesen, Tehachapi