Let's see... When I consider all of the radical changes the Democratic candidates for president want to make, it's obvious why I should vote Republican next year. The way I understand it, all of those Democratic candidates believe in climate change. How stupid!

Just because 99.9 percent of the scientists in the world believe that climate change is a fact — and have believed that since the early 1980s — I know better because Donald Trump says it's all a hoax... and I know Donald Trump is a lot smarter than all those scientists ... and of course, Mr. Trump would never lie.

Democrats are spreading the story that if we don't do something about the problem pretty soon, our children and grandchildren will probably not have a livable plant. Well, I don't have to worry about that. If most of our current Republican senators are not worried about their children and grandchildren, why should I worry about mine?

In addition, those dumb Democrats want equal pay for women, safety in the workplace for women so the boss won't sexually abuse them, and they even want everyone to get a livable wage. How ridiculous that is! Republicans know that women don't deserve equal pay, and if they get abused, that's their problem. Also, if corporations gave everyone a livable wage, members of the board of directors and CEOs might have to cut their Christmas bonuses each year to under $10 million. So I ask you: Is that fair?

Also, the Democrats think every American should have health care — even if they can't afford it — and that every American citizen should be able to vote regardless of their color. What ridiculous, impractical ideas! They just don't understand capitalism.

Anyway, if our president wants Vladimir Putin to be our friend and believes he didn't interfere in our election, I believe him. If he appears obsequious when he's in the presence of Putin — kind of like kissing Putin's shoes — I know it's simply President Trump's clever way of improving his (I mean our) relationship with Russia.

Also, if Attorney General Barr and all those Republican senators on the Senate Judiciary Committee believe the president (and the attorney general, of course) should be above the law, why should I disagree? If President Trump believes the results of the 2020 election are false, because he appears to lose, I'm certain he'll use his recently acquired omnipotent authority wisely and simply stay on as our incredibly capable and honest president. After all, how can our kingdom — I mean democracy — survive without Donald Trump (and the wise, innocent advice of Vladimir Putin)?

Joe Nagy, Tehachapi