Man! Lately I kind of find it titillating to maneuver my truck around all those traffic cones, barricades and concrete islands while driving on Tucker Road and Tehachapi Boulevard. The only way to leave Albertsons now and drive north on Tucker is to go south on Tucker, then make a sharp left U-turn at Valley Boulevard. Oh well!

I do hope those islands and new signals will make it safer for us to maneuver around town once Walmart enters the scene; otherwise, brace yourself for more traffic congestion.

There's nothing more aggravating to motorists then getting stuck on congested roads. Some drivers do crazy things in traffic jams. I've seen kamikaze drivers barrel up the right should of Highway 58 just to get around stalled traffic.

By the way, squeezing traffic down to one lane on Highway 58 using cones sets off traffic jams that ripple on down the freeway for miles. We got stuck in one the other day because a mile of cones weren't picked up after work hours. Where's a traffic cop when you need one?

Caltrans should penalize contractors for impeding traffic and deduct money from their contract bid. Caltrans' mission statement is "to reduce congestion and develop efficient movement of people and goods." In southern California, were were required to pick up our cones promptly after 3 p.m., before rush hour traffic, to avoid gridlock.

Using cones to block off miles of road on Highway 58 when only a small section of highway is being worked on is nuts. Cones or "K" rail should only be set up near where the actual work is being done. To cone off a mile or two of road on either side of the work zone is lunacy.

Next time I'm stuck in a traffic jam, I hope I'm riding my motorcycle so I can split lanes and avoid stop-and-go traffic.

— Dennis Tope, Tehachapi