I couldn't believe Larry Barrett's article ("It's easy to see why Measure R failed," Nov. 14) less. A town/city like Tehachapi does not successfully bring a big cluster of recreation improvements and label them "Measure R" ... and then pass them.

I grew up in Norwalk, which even before incorporation, in 1939, (then about 9,000 people plus farms and dairies) built a park, with spaces for a future pool. Norwalk Park became a hub, the youth centered there. Then came the pool, about 1952 (until then we hitchhiked to Downey's high school olympic-sized pool).

A step at a time, is really better and more saleable imagery than something like Measure R. Retail merchandising 1A: Stop messing up the advertising so people can chew things in pieces, and not have to eat the whole cow in one bite, so they can spit out the hooves and make soup out of the tails. Tehachapi will get its park and pool and play fields. Just do it a step at a time.

My youngest grandsons are 9 and 11, and I hope it gets done in time for them.

David Wall, Tehachapi