The bleachers at Jacobsen Middle School need to be condemned and completely redone up to the Americans with Disabilities Act standard.

The entire bleacher system has holes in the backs of the seats that children can squeeze through and fall to their serious injury or death. A woman fell off the side of the bleachers recently because there are no side rails! I know that funds are always an issue at a small district like ours. But we are literally an injury and a lawsuit away from having serious ramifications.

There must be some sort of grant from either the state or Kern County that can help to make these bleachers safe. Our children's safety must be of the highest priority for our community. I know that our district cares about the safety of our kids too! I'm sure this has never been brought to your attention. Also, the gym floor needs to be redone as it is in bad shape and we could have our children injured while playing.

Third, I have lived in Tehachapi for almost eight years and the scoreboard at JMS has had light bulbs broken and hasn't functioned properly this entire time. This reflects very bad on our community when they can't even fix a light bulb or run a wire. I just know that this could be done and give our community a wonderful place to enjoy each other and cheer for our kids in a safe environment!

Darrel Sipes, Tehachapi