So folks, watching the weather, or the news nowadays, is like looking at the Miss America pageant. These young lady newscasters look like they just graduated from high school, and they're still wearing the same hairdo from their yearbook. O.M.G.! You're not teenagers anymore!

Why are they still wearing their long (high school) hairdos dangling down the front of their dresses almost to their waist? Let's get serious ladies!

Whatever happened to just reporting the news without giving us their political slant on what I just heard? If you are watching Fox News, you get one slant. If watching CNN, you get a different slant of the news. I really don't care what they think; I'll make up my own mind, thank you very much.

P.S. I so miss Katie Couric, Joan London and Barbara Walters, in their beautiful Even Picone suits. They just reported the news without rolling their eyes or giving their opinion. That's how it used to be folks.

Jean C. Riesen, Tehachapi