Have we ever had an election this contentious, with so much negativity, animosity and misinformation on the part of some toward the city government and our recreation and park district? On Nov. 6, we will have a choice. Shall we move Tehachapi forward or backward?

We need city councilmembers who know how government works, will do their homework before meetings, and don’t have their own agendas.

Regarding Measure R: I was on the TVRPD Board of Directors in 2009 when we had to deal with 20 years of neglect from a previous administration. We were practically holding things together with duct tape.

Michelle Vance is the fifth director since then. She didn’t initiate this new plan. It’s been in the works for years. Yes, it’s expensive, but in line with what these projects cost today. It’s a good plan that’s long overdue, and something our community deserves. We need a proper pool, a larger senior center, a gathering place for our youth, and general upgrading to our parks. These will only cost more if we wait.

Nobody likes taxes, but that’s the cost of being part of a community. For instance, the city subsidizes the airport. My part of that is around $40 per year. Most of the pilots live outside the city so don’t pay toward the subsidy. But the airport is a vital part of our whole community. We in the city recognize that so we pay for it.

What we will pay for Measure R will benefit all of us in the greater community who use the pool, senior center, Brite Lake and the parks.

It’s time we put aside the rancor and start acting like a true community again. That’s why I will be voting for Phil Smith, Susan Wiggins, Michael Davies, Joni Pogon-Cord, Susan Showler for city treasurer, and Measure R. I want to see Tehachapi continue to move forward.

Deborah Hand-Cutler, former mayor and councilmember, former TVRPD board member