Democrats hyperventilate about enemies like Russia possibly interfering in the 2016 presidential election, but they have found no evidence of interference after spending more than $30 million on three years of partisan investigating. Meanwhile, they are trying every dirty trick in the book to remove President Trump by impeachment.

The Russians didn’t change any votes, but the Democrats are trying to invalidate the results of a whole election and nullify more than 60 million votes. That is the ultimate in election interference and qualifies Democrats as the biggest hypocrites in the world and a bigger enemy of our Republic than the Russians.

Democrats are also so consumed with hatred for President Trump that they have crippled the Congress and no longer have time to do the people’s business. Critical national problems like runaway illegal immigration, the rebuilding of our military, the opioid epidemic, a crumbling infrastructure, a soaring national debt, the looming bankruptcy of Medicare and the Social Security System, etc. are being neglected and continue to fester and get worse. Perhaps it is time to remind the Democrats we are all a part of a glorious experiment called the United States of America. Our ship of state is like a fragile canoe, and they should realize that it is impossible for them to sink President Trump’s end of the boat without affecting their end, too.

Wilbur W. Wells, Tehachapi