Concern over a stubborn sinus infection brought me one night recently to the emergency room of our shiny new hospital. It was sort of a scary first for me, as I hadn’t been ill in nearly 60 years, since the usual kid stuff. I would like to report to my fellow Tehachapi residents about the outstanding quality of the care I encountered during my visit.

This began with the girls at the sign-in office — Ericka, Kristin and Lisette — who were delightfully fun to interact with, dispensing sympathy and humor while pushing the inevitable mountain of paperwork associated with so-called modern medicine. My experience then moved to nurse Shavia, on the surface a no-nonsense professional focused on carefully recording all the facts and numbers of my medical status, but clearly bubbling with compassion and goodwill underneath.

And finally, there was my consult with longtime Tehachapi healer, Doc Bracy. His calm and relaxed manner, thorough examination and attentive consideration listening to my health concerns, was a much appreciated wonder given the chaos he was dealing with elsewhere that night; after all, it is the emergency room!

I left a few hours later feeling very good about our jewel of a shiny new hospital here in Tehachapi. And you should, too.

Dr. Edwin M. Young, Alpine