So we are in a government shutdown for a short period — we hope — thanks to the so-called lawmakers of this great country. That means that some of the people who are hard-working citizens of this great country will be without a paycheck for a while. I wonder if that means that the lawmakers will be sitting at home in their plush easy chairs without a check? Of course not; they will get paid no matter what happens.

Now do you really believe that is fair? I don't. I believe and I hope the good people of this country do too, that if things like this and other things — like maybe when a budget doesn't get passed when it is supposed to — then the lawmakers should have their checks held up for as long as the private citizen does.

I know that this little note is not gonna change anything, but I for one am getting tired of things like this happening. I will keep writing to my representatives and complaining every chance I get. How about you?

Robert Slusher, Tehachapi