I read the letter from Mr. Slusher about the LA attitude moving in to what used to be a charming little laid-back town. But wait, folks. Maybe it's not too late, I hope! So if some of you newbies read this and vow to change your big-town ways, there may be hope for this town after all. 

You moved here because you just could not wait to leave LA with all its crazy people and horrible traffic. With the help of the internet and your friends inviting you here, you think you died and went to heaven. Well, let me tell you folks that if you don't change your attitude with your driving and slow down, then you are creating another LA. 

I have been here 22 years and over the last five years the traffic has become a steady stream of traffic out to Bear Valley and Stallion Springs from 4 p.m. on. I'm telling you that Highway 202 has become a death trap, and I have almost had seven head-on crashes because people are checking their phones for messages. Thank God for a loud horn or I would be dead. 

When I moved here, people looked people in the eye and smiled and said, "How are you?" Now they think you are crazy. 

People would wave at you as you left the parking lot. I have several friends who have moved to the Midwest to get away from Tehachapi. They say how different it is there, because people are so nice and laid back. 

So folks, come and enjoy our fruit stands, and come out for First Friday as all of the stores are open until 9 p.m. and have a glass of wine. Maybe buy some fresh fruits and veggies. There are so many cool things about our town. Go to live theater at the BeeKay on Green Street.

So folks, please slow down when driving. There are so many bikers out there sharing the streets. The deer are blinded by your light at night. And if one is crossing the street, you know more will follow the herd. So slow down, be nice to each other and vow to leave that LA attitude behind. I know you can do it.

Jeanne Riesen, Tehachapi