About a year ago, I attended a presentation by two Southern California Edison engineers on a project to install covered conductors. The SCE website has a story on this project: https://energized.edison.com/stories/insulated-wires-help-reduce-wildfire-risk.

One photo on this website shows covered jumpers, some of which can be observed at locations around the Tehachapi area. Another photo shows insulated conductor wires, but I have yet to see any of these in our area and they are moving very slowly in the implementation of the project.

Tehachapi News should investigate and publish a story on how long it will take for SCE to completely install covered conductors/insulated lines in this area.

Anyone who has endured the "Public Safety Power Shutoff" debacle should: (1) Write state legislators and the governor demanding that they make some of the vast sums of taxes they collect from us available as interest-free loans to the utilities to expedite fire safety projects; and (2) Write to the Public Utilities Commission urging them to impose substantial penalties (in the form of rebates to rate payers) on utility companies for failing to maintain their power lines in a fire safe condition.

Dave Bone, Keene