Responding to the city manager's rant about SCE cutting power: Some cities provide electricity and gas. Float a bond and build your own utility. And if you really want to poke SCE in the eye, build a small nuclear power plant.

How? Get our congressman to pass a law so that we can pilot a Small Modular Reactor of about 50 MWe, bury it in Capital Hills (behind the new hospital,) BURY the transmission lines into town, and lease the local above-ground last mile distribution lines from SCE.

An SMR can be running by 2027.

Electricity from this source will cost about double to triple what we pay SCE today, but it will be carbon emissions-free and uninterrupted. We can optionally drop off the mega-grid.

Make the whole city pay for the reactor, and let people choose whether to buy power from SCE or from the city, with the understanding that SCE power may still be cut from time to time.

My electric bill is about $700 for a year. Under this scheme it will jump to about $2,000.

Put it to a vote.

You can add a lot more options. You can include Golden Hills, or BVS or Stallion, and will need two reactors.

Or, we can keep polluting the air and water so that our grandchildren will be the last generation of humans.

SMR on a micro-grid is the safest possible type of community electricity. Wind and industrial solar need a mega-grid.

Brian Scott, Tehachapi