Walmart is here, and it is here to stay.

I have been to a lot of them. I like their oil prices.

Now that we have one, enjoy it or not, I imagine the homeless will follow holding their signs; "I'm hungry, I'm a vet," well, their dogs don't look hungry, and the cigarettes they smoke are about 40 cents apiece.

I don't want to see trash blowing across the landscape, blankets, cardboard and plywood erected for dwellings underneath our nice shrubs and trees in town, areas around our shops obviously being used as places to relieve themselves or constantly having to make sure they are not close as we get our children in and out of vehicles in the parking lots.

Here, we need to unite. Let's not be enablers. Don't feed or water them. For you liberals out there, don't help with their dogs. The dogs will find water. If we help them make a living by begging off of us, they will stay. If you don't feed them or give them money, they will move on.

Personally, if I see anyone giving handouts to those who consider it a career to beg, I will blow my horn. Shame on you.

I just don't want our nice town to become another city where you have to walk around people sitting or sleeping on our sidewalks.

Make Tehachapi great again. Thanks for your support.

Jeff Larson, Tehachapi