I read the story "Planning Commission OK's architectural guidelines for buildings in city limits" and it occurred to me that the city planners just do not have their plans for the city really in grasp.

They are planning for new construction, and I can get that. However, unless I have missed something somewhere, they don't seem to be planning on what to do with the empty buildings. Not only what we have already, but the empties to come in the future.

Instead of just rubber-stamping new construction, maybe they should demand proof that a business cannot be housed in a current existing building before another one is built. Maybe what needs to happen, at one of the council meetings, is a field trip so all the city planners can see all of the empty buildings and suites we already have in town before the approval of new, future empty buildings. Makes sense, right?

Fill what you have, before building more that needs to be filled. Seems as the same needs to happen for the county planners. Look at the empty suites and buildings in Golden Hills.

Matt Hyatt, Tehachapi