In response to William Nelson’s Community Voices ("The founding fathers on a Republic vs. a democracy," June 12), he stated that this nation is a Republic, not a democracy. Indeed it is a Republic, governed, previously by the Rule of Law.

Unfortunately, the current president does not seem constrained by the rules of the nation for which he is currently in power, and actually seems to believe it is a Banana Republic in which he and those appointed by him are above the rules of the land.

He has advised several appointees to ignore subpoenas by the House of Representatives. Perhaps the president needs to sit down and read the Constitution which he swore on the Bible to uphold.

It may be the first time he has read it and wasn’t really aware of what it contained. He also seems not to be aware that the executive, the judicial and Congress all have equal power under the Constitution.

But it certainly does not release him from any legal obligation to live by the laws of the land, any more than it does any of the citizens of this nation.

Linda Coverdale, Bear Valley Springs