There is a saying that goes like this: "There are Democrats and there are Republicans, but when push comes to shove, we are all Americans, good or bad."

Now comes my story. Last week, I was home watching television when the phone rang. There was a lady on the line who asked to talk to Suzanne. I told her that my wife had gone with my granddaughter and kids to get something to eat at McDonald's so the kids could work off some energy in the kid room.

The girl on the phone told me she had found my wife's purse, her cell phone, wallet with a substantial amount of money, ATM cad, credit cards, health card, etc. After looking for my wife, she called back and said she did not find my wife, so I asked her if I could meet her somewhere and retrieve the lost articles. She said that would be fine, and that she was on her way to Stallion Springs, and asked if we could meet at the Shell Station on Highway 202.

I met her and retrieved my wife's belongings. I asked her name, and she said Brandy Sweeney. She said she would not think of accepting a reward.

Now, go back to the first paragraph of this story. I consider myself a moderate Democrat, and my friends are both Democrats and Republicans. We all meet for coffee at Kelcy's. We make our point politically, blow off steam and vent. When we are ready to leave, we shake hands, slap each other on the back, then leave until the next time.

So, in closing, I would like recognize Brandy Sweeney of Stallion Springs for her honesty. In our conversation, I jokingly said, "You must be a good Democrat." She then told me, "As a matter of fact, I consider myself an alt right Republican."

In the end, she gave me new faith in our country. We should all be proud of people like Brandy. I am sure her family is! We are all Americans first.

Charly Price, Tehachapi