Up they go almost every day. If you miss filling up or topping off in the morning, expect the cost per gallon to go up by evening. The tax was supposed to be for repairing the roads and bridges. Well, if you are anywhere near as old as I am, you may remember this same song that the state continues to use. They collect the gas tax money and then raid the account for their pet projects so they can then say that more gas tax money is needed for the roads.

Can any of you remember when gas cost 25 cents a gallon? We are looking at $4 a gallon for regular by summer with no end in sight. That means to fill a 16-gallon car, it will cost you almost $65. Our family will have to cut travel and tighten our budget and make every trip out include several tasks. If we see you on the side of the road with your gas cap in hand, wave us down. We plan to carry a 5-gallon gas container for just such emergencies. See you down the road.

Michael Dempsey, Tehachapi