On June 10, I heard a German accent coming from the man in line ahead of me at Kohnen’s Country Bakery. I eavesdropped and heard him say he was from Germany doing a road trip in the United States covering California and Nevada with a friend from France.

He was Mr. Arne Mielken, from Uelzen in Lower Saxony, Germany.

I asked how they happened to be here in Tehachapi.

He said their road trip brought them through Las Vegas, Death Valley, San Diego and Los Angeles. They were on the freeway headed toward Yosemite and happened to see the sign advertising the bakery.

In Germany, there is a common afternoon practice called “Kaffee Klatsch,” a time when people get together, have a small snack and do a little gabbing. Ready for their Kaffee Klatsch, they decided to pull off the freeway and check out this “bakery.”

As soon as they saw it was a German bakery, it went from being a nice-to-have to a must-have. They were taken with it immediately.

“When you drive around, you usually only see the standard chain restaurants like I-Hop, Subway and McDonald’s. This bakery is very different and unique,” Mr. Mielken noted. He said he liked the availability of salads and sandwiches, along with the beautiful baked goods.

He said he had a hard time finding it and finally had to ask Google. It was worth the effort. “This place is unique and a real treasure! The town must be very proud of it!”

We are, Mr. Mielken, we are. Have a safe and pleasant journey home.

Barbara Langston, Tehachapi