I read with interest the Aug. 16 letter where the writer called President Trump an “unrepentant liar” without any evidence. In that letter, the writer stated, “I thought I would never see a perpetually self-focused, pathological liar become President of the United States.”

The writer is 89 years old. Perhaps with age the memory is fading. Did the writer forget the sex scandals in the White House with President Clinton? Did the writer forget President Obama’s promises about Obamacare? BOTH former presidents were liars. And what about Hillary Clinton’s failure to support four American heroes in Libya and then lied about it. Oh, and how about the private server which she tried to cover up that put this country in grave danger. She committed criminal acts and the writer apparently forgot about that! Perfect description of Hillary Clinton if she had won the election.

The writer should realize that President Trump was elected OUR president of all the United States. We all need to move on, stop the hatred and bring this country together. If the writer is so angry, why not move to Canada where the celebrities promised they would go? Oh, they are STILL here!

Barbara Senseman,