Road construction is certainly needed on Highway 58, but when traffic is often coned off with only one lane open for six or more miles and little or no work is being done, shutting down this much highway is pure stupidity.

Just last Thursday, I was stuck in a massive traffic jam from Broome Road, eastbound all the way to Tehachapi. The construction company called "Pave Tech" had a skeleton crew working on one drainage insert in the median. That section of one-lane road needed only to be coned off for a quarter mile to allow the workers to work.

I called the Pave Tech superintendent to complain. He informed me that Caltrans gave his company a work window to proceed with the work. The CHP was to provide traffic support, yet not one CHP vehicle was seen around the coned off area to help expedite traffic.

That afternoon, I talked to one CHP officer in Mojave. There are more than 30 CHP officers working out of the Mojave Station. At least one of them could have been there ascertaining the situation.

If traffic is slowed to a crawl creating a near gridlock situation, Caltrans either needs to have that contractor work at night when traffic is light or cone off the area where construction is actually going on. I feel that we motorists and truckers are the real ones who are getting worked over in work zones that Caltrans aptly calls "Cone Zones."

Dennis Tope, Tehachapi