The time has come for the good people of Kern to vote yes on responsible cannabis regulation. The county ban is wasteful of our police resources, disrespectful to patients and veterans, and short-changes our budget. Veterans and patients need access. Kern County needs revenue. Law enforcement needs control over the industry.

Measure K provides access, revenue and control. Measure K gives 5 percent of every dollar to Kern County. The money comes right off the top, essentially straight out of the cash register, even if the business is losing money. Twenty percent of the funds are directed to law enforcement and 15 percent to mental health, which includes homeless issues. Measure J (the other county measure) won't likely generate any money since it allows for bogus deductions and cooking the books.

Measure K is the only measure that caps the number of dispensaries to 35, pushes marijuana farms miles away from neighborhoods and schools, limits store hours and signage, and helps directly fund the services we need to keep our county safe and prosperous.

Measure K also brings the billion-dollar hemp industry to Kern. Growing plants, be that potatoes or pot, is what we do better than any other county on earth. Measure K changes Kern's destiny AND preserves our way of life.

Whether you agree with marijuana or not, please know that there are thousands of veterans like me who rely on it to help treat our combat injuries. Please join me in voting yes on Measure K.

Chad Garcia, Bakersfield