Vote no on Measure R. Interest rates are going up and we won’t know what the interest rate is until the bond is sold. Don’t know if it will be a fixed rate or variable, 30 years or 35 years, dependent on average assessed property values.

I just got my new tax bill for 2018-19 and it has gone up $700! So the $39 per $100,000 tax rate will probably be higher as the assessed value of the bond is now at $86.8 million and interest rates are currently higher than the 4.65 percent.

Further, Tehachapi Valley Recreation & Park District Manager Michelle Vance says “you have to make decisions on who you are attracting to the community” and “when you attract people with more discretionary funds, they are more likely to participate in extracurricular activities.”

What people? And what about us, the people already here? Are we not the “right” people? She is assuming that there will be an influx of people into Tehachapi and that’s all it is — an assumption. For $43 million, I want clear, concrete facts based on the here and now!

Vance is making assumptions for things she does not know. She wants the residents of Tehachapi to take on a further tax burden. The bond language does not guarantee that the project will be built at the current $43 million bond or that it will be completed at all because the bond language states "the final cost of each project … may be delayed or may not be completed.” Proceeds of the bond may be used for salaries! ”cost of District staff…”

Because of the high price of housing and taxes in California, homebuyers are now becoming renters. If Measure R passes, landlords will have to raise rents. People saving to buy a home will be impacted.

Measure R is selfish and hurtful to many people. Please vote NO on Measure R.

Suzan Tintorri, Tehachapi