Beginning in 2006, various fees have been collected from each new home construction in Tehachapi. The previous fee on new homes was the building permit, which was about $2,000. But because of new growth and projected new growth, Tehachapi applied three or four improvement fees, for traffic, roads and such. These fees all totaled about $16,000. One of these was a Parks & Recreation fee of approximately $5,000. This money has been collected for many years now. I wonder what they did with it? Now they want more, like it's a brand new plan.

Some of you have already paid for Parks & Rec. Let's say that your payment amount on this new bond is $100 a year. Many properties will be much more than that. If you built a new home here in the past 13 years, that $5,000 fee collected means you have already paid that $100 worth of bond money for the next 50 years. Do you want to pay it again?

When you vote in November, consider that money that many people have already paid for Parks & Recreation. If you estimate how many new homes have been built since 2005, multiplied by $5,000, then millions of dollars has been collected! Where did that money go?

Also the new bond payment will be applied according to your assessed property value each year, which means it will probably increase. Which means you will pay even more every year for a long time.

Measure R will take even more money from us, in ever-increasing amounts. Can you afford this? I can't!

Think about it. I don't like being used as a "no limit" credit card, do you? I am one of many retired people here and can't afford this bond. My income will not increase. And I live far enough away from town that the cost of gasoline to go use any Parks & Rec assets will make the cost prohibitive.

Phyllis Hastings