I recently attended an event displaying plans for the new park facilities. The plan includes an addition of two bicycle PumpParks and upgrades to the existing one. There will be no additional dog parks added to the community. Living near and frequenting Meadowbrook Park with the bicycle pump park and dog park, I seldom see our only dog park empty while I have only seen the PumpPark in use twice.

When questioned the representative said there had been meetings with members of the community requesting more PumpParks but not one person requesting more dog parks. Common sense would show that there are more people, visitors included, who would frequent dog parks. If anything, didn’t the planners go to our parks to observe or interview the people who were there actually using the park?

The park district posted a meeting for dog owners. Will this mean changes to the current plan? If so, what about promises made to the people who are expecting three great PumpParks? Knowing this issue alone, what other needs will go unmet because proper research was not done? With our climate, how feasible is the use and maintenance of an outdoor pool?

Many people also question the cost. Will the additional property taxes be offset by value added to properties and sales tax collected from visitors coming to events at the new facilities? This is a half-baked idea that needs to go back to the drawing board. I have lived in communities with and have enjoyed well-planned park and recreation facilities. However, I cannot support or vote for a plan that is so far out of touch with the reality of this community.

Colleen Moyer, Tehachapi