Well folks, last month I wrote about the young women newscasters with their long, high school hairdos, and wearing short, sleeveless summer dresses in the middle of winter. Now, it's time to address the men newscasters. I have been watching "The Bachelor" this past month, and all 25 of these young men look like they are wearing suits two sizes too small.

The pants are too short and look like tight leotards, and their suit jackets are tight and barely come down to their hips. Am I the only one who thinks these suits look too tight and ridiculous on them?

The men's clothing industry must be laughing themselves to the bank on all of the money they save on fabric. I guess they have to reinvent new styles to sell more clothing to the millenniums. These poor guys think they look great, but the truth is, they just look funny.

Have you ever read the book "The Emperor's New Clothes?" Well, Google it, and read the storyline about the emperor's clothes ... it's too funny! Everyone told him he looked good, but in truth, he was naked.

Jeanne C. Riesen, Tehachapi