Mill Street bridge over Highway 58 has two potholes in the concrete surface of the north-bound lane. While it is a danger to thinning tires as the concrete is sharp-edged unlike pot holes in asphalt, it could suggest that structurally the bridge is in someway internally stressed. As it has been many weeks since the appearance of the potholes, nothing has been done to fix fill them.

Also, at the exit from Albertsons, cars sit and wait for a signal that never changes. Hello, drivers! You have to put your vehicle over the embedded wires. Since there are not guiding lines on the pavement, road hogs stop where there are no wires and have stopped so far to the left that they not only fail to trip the light, but force cars entering to make a tight turn just to get into the parking lot.

I know it's difficult for some to live without boundary lines, but keep working at it. It's a shame that so many cars here have no working turn signals in their like-new and new cars. What a shame. In a class for speeders, I learned from a Highway Patrol officer teaching it, that signals are just a way to talk to people even if they are only jackrabbits, snakes or coyotes in the middle of the Mojave desert.

Darrell Davisson, Tehachapi